Children’s Aid Society (CAS) Melrose Village Architectural Design Competition

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The Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) has been appointed by The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) to organize a two-stage architectural design competition to invite design proposals from interested architects for the proposed Melrose Village integrated residential care and support facility for children and youth in need.

CAS is one of the oldest, secular philanthropic organisations in Singapore with a heritage tracing back to the era of British colonial rule in the late 1880s, when it started as St Nicholas Home and was renamed as Children’s Aid Society in 1902. It has been a registered charity with IPC status since 1984.

Since 1902, Melrose Home has been a home to over 6,000 children and young persons in need, providing short term shelter and refuge, and in some cases, longer term care and growth. Its residents include homeless and street children, latchkey children, child abuse victims as well as serving children from families-in-need. Aid such as shelter, food and nutrition, physical, educational guidance, adult supervision and protection, psychosocial care, and family and parenting work are provided.

However, the current facilities have aged over the years despite Melrose Home team’s best care and regular maintenance. Available spaces have been repurposed many times over the years to meet the evolving needs of different residential profiles. The Melrose Home team has reached the threshold of physical repurposing for the building as it is unable to cost-effectively support aspirations to do more and do better for its residents and the target community at large.

These physical limitations and challenges are an opportunity to realise CAS’ aspirations to Build for New Generations, growing from Home to Village.



Eligibility to Participate

The competition is open to architects who are registered with the Board of Architects, Singapore and who have registered for the competition via SIA.

Only firms that have registered for the Competition will be allowed to participate. There is no limit to the number of design entries from any firm.

If an entry is submitted without explicitly mentioning that the Architect is currently debarred, CAS shall treat the submission as an express continuing declaration by the Architect that the Architect is in fact eligible to participate in this competition and if such declaration is discovered to be false, CAS will be entitled to rescind any contracts entered into pursuant to such a competition without being liable therefore in damages or compensation.


The Competition shall be in 2 Stages, whereby:

Stage 1        Aims to seek exciting and workable ideas with a strong identity for The Project.

Stage 2        The design development stage when the shortlisted entries are required to further develop the ideas and concepts to demonstrate the compliance and workability of their proposals.


Submission Material

Stage 1

  • 2 x A1 Boards in landscape format,
  • 1 thumbdrive with images used in A1 board,
  • Competition Forms.

All Stage One submissions submission can be received between 9.30am and 12 noon (GMT +8) on 26 September 2019.


Stage 2

  • Max 6 x A1 Boards in landscape format,
  • 1 A2-size model,
  • 1 design report (10-page max),
  • thumdrive with images used in boards and report,
  • breakdown of estimated construction cost,
  • Competition Forms.


Architect’s Fee and Prize Money for Stage 2 Finalists

The winning Architect will be commissioned to develop the design with CAS and will receive a professional fee of 3.25% of the overall building construction cost (estimated at S$12 million) excluding non-fixed items.

The 1st Prize entry shall receive a prize money of S$10,000, which will be deemed as part of the aforementioned professional fee.

The 2nd Prize entry shall receive S$5,000.

The 3rd Prize entry shall receive S$3,000.

There will be no reimbursement or prize money for Stage 1 of the Competition.



Anonymity shall be observed during the entire competition. Submission must not bear any motto, logo or distinguishing marks of any kind to identify the architectural firm submitting the design.

At no time shall the competition materials (boards, graphics, etc) bear any information which may reveal the identity of the competitor for both Stage 1 and Stage 2.  Breach of these requirements may be taken as grounds for disqualification.


Briefing and Site Walk

Any competitor wishing to obtain further information on the Competition Design Brief or Terms and Conditions should attend the briefing scheduled on 2 September 2019 (Mon) at 10am or 11am at The Project site, 503 Clementi Road, Singapore 599488. Pre-registration for the Briefing and Site Walk is compulsory and subjected to availability. The maximum number of attendees from one firm is capped at 1 person.

Please email Competition Secretariat ([email protected]) to register for the Briefing and Site Walk. Such email shall clearly state “Melrose Village Competition Briefing and Site Walk Registration” as the subject heading. Only upon receipt of a confirmation email sent by the Competition Secretariat shall the registration be officially registered.

Kindly note that the briefing and site walk is not compulsory to participate in the competition.

Question & Answer

Competitors may also send queries in writing by email (in English) by 13 September 2019 (Fri) 5pm to the Competition Secretariat at [email protected]. Such email shall clearly state “Melrose Village Competition Query” as the subject heading. The query shall be in the form of an email. Only upon receipt of an acknowledgement email sent by the Competition Secretariat shall the query be officially registered for a response.


Jury Panel


  • Ar. Theodore Chan, Past President, Singapore Institute of Architects


  • Ar. Rene Tan, Designer of the Year, President*s Design Award & Principal Architect of RT+Q Architects
  • Ar. Raymond Woo, Designer of the Year, President*s Design Award & Principal Architect of Raymond Woo & Associates Architects
  • Mr. Jarrod Ong, Chairman, Children’s Aid Society
  • Dr. Frederick Low, Executive Director, Children’s Aid Society
  • Ms. Dawn Ng, Chairperson, CASPER Taskforce Children’s Aid Society
  • Mr. Jason Wang, Member, CASPER Taskforce, Children’s Aid Society



S/N Activity Date / Time
1 Launch of Design Competition 23 August 2019 (Fri)
2 Registration for Competition Package 23 August 2019 (Fri)
3 Registration for Competition Briefing and Site Visit 23 August 2019 (Fri) to

30 August 2019 (Fri) 12pm

4 Preparation  for Stage 1 by Participants


23 August 2019 (Fri) to

27 September 2019 (Fri)

5 Briefing on Design Competition and Site Visit 2 September 2019 (Mon) 10am (Session 1)

2 September 2019 (Mon) 11am (Session 2)

at CAS Premises

6 Closing date for e-mail submission of competition Requests For Information (RFI) 13 September 2019 (Fri) 5pm
7 Respond to  Requests For Information (RFI) 20 September 2019 (Fri) 5pm
8 Closing date for Registration 20 September 2019 (Fri) 5pm
9 Stage 1 submission

No EOT allowed

26 September 2019 (Thu) 12pm


10 Design Jury to shortlist 3 entries for Stage 2 25 October 2019 (Fri) 5pm
11 Shortlisted entries to confirm participation in Stage 2 28 October 2019 (Mon) 5pm
12 Preparation  for Stage 2 by shortlisted firms 30 October 2019 to (Wed)

23 December 2020 (Mon)

13 Close of Stage 2 Submission 23 December 2020 (Mon) 12pm
14 Technical Evaluation Panel (TEP) Review for Stage 2 17 January 2020 (Fri)
15 Stage 2 Presentation (by shortlisted firms) to Design Jury / Selection of Winning Design 20 January 2020 (Mon)
16 Announcement Of Winning Design /

Public Exhibition on Stage 2 entries

22 January 2020 (Wed)

Note: Dates may be subjected to changes. Such changes, if any, would be made aware to the competitors in advance.

The Event has over already

Terms & Conditions

  • Fees paid are non-refundable under all circumstances.