SIA-Clearvue Professional Knowledge Seminar: BIPV and Advanced Glazing Systems

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At a time when capturing and utilising clean, carbon neutral energy to power our living is a global priority, ClearVue Technologies Ltd has developed an advanced glazing technology and smart building material that aims to preserve glass transparency to maintain building aesthetics, whilst generating electricity from clear windows.  ClearVue operates in the Building Integrated Photovoltaic (BIPV) space, which involves the integration of solar PV into glass and windows, to provide a new renewable energy source from building facades and surfaces.

ClearVue presenters Victor Rosenberg and Jamie Lyford will provide an insight into the BIPV technologies and market looking at: (1) the global Net Zero / ZEB Direction – directions that Support the need for BIPV/BAPV; (2) available BIPV / BAPV Options; (3) WIPV and Advanced Glazing Solutions; an (4) the ClearVue PV Solution.

In relation to the ClearVue PV Solution they will expand on how their advanced glazing technology uses an activated interlayer, sandwiched within a panel composed of a number of glass panes, some of which are coated by specialised thin-films.  This advanced glazing system combines: proprietary nano and micro particles dispersed into an interlayer; a clever internal design; and custom format PV cells. The combined solution prevents heat and unwanted solar radiation (UV and infrared) from penetrating the glass pane. The unwanted solar radiation is then redirected to the edge of the glass pane for controlled distribution and harvesting through conventional PV solar cells to create clean energy – all whilst allowing natural visible wavelength light to pass through largely unaltered to provide maximum natural daylighting.

At the end of the presentation attendees will be able to:

  • Have an understanding of the difference between building applied photovoltaics (BAPV) and building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV)
  • Have an understanding of building integrated photovoltaic solutions including for use in building façade and for powering smart façades
  • Have an understanding of the benefits and potential use-cases / applications for the integration of BIPV into architectural and façade designs
  • Have an understanding of the ClearVue PV WIPV solution and how it differs from other BIPV solutions


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Mr Victor Rosenberg, ClearVue Asia Pte Ltd
Executive Chairman and Founder

Victor is a serial entrepreneur and is the founder of ClearVue. Victor is globally recognised for his contributions to the glass industry. Extensive business experience in senior management and sales. Victor is a qualified Pharmacist with extensive business experience in senior management and sales related positions. He has been in Industry for over 25 years having started and owned a number of private businesses, including Pharmaceutical, Toiletry and Food Manufacturing Businesses. Victor has won an International Innovation Award in Germany for developments in food processing technologies. He has consulted to a number of private and public companies in the areas of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and health foods.

Mr Jamie Lyford, ClearVue Asia Pte Ltd
Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel

Jamie Lyford has over 20 years’ experience working in the areas of IP and technology commercialisation, both as an IP and commercialisation lawyer and as a commercialisation adviser. Jamie is a director and General Counsel of ClearVue and has been instrumental in its early technology development and commercialisation steps. Jamie manages the legal aspects of ClearVue’s business including assisting with the licensing of the ClearVue technology to manufacturers and distributors throughout the World.


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