SIA-Research & Standards Sub Committee: Design for Infection Control Readiness

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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting the way we live and the way we use building spaces in an unprecedented way, specifically within our homes, offices, and public establishments, all of which will form the New Norm.  This New Norm will transform the way architects design for the future.   The architecture industry needs to re-evaluate space design and technology  applications with pandemic readiness in mind to address the imminent demands.  SIA organizes this Webinar to shed lights on design for the New Norm from two industry experts.

Ms Angela Lee will be speaking from the perspective of a healthcare planner about infectious disease mitigation principles and strategies for space design.   Er Steve Perkins as a smart building engineer will be sharing about how technologies could be implemented to make a difference in the post-pandemic world.

Topic 1: Reboot Readiness: A Primer on How to Design for Contagions by Ms Angela Lee 

Large metropolitan areas have been the epicentre of the COVID-19 pandemic globally, and in many ways has highlighted the fragility of our cities. This ever-present threat of contagion has already radically changed and continues to transform how we interact with each other. As we begin to reboot our lives into the New Norm, we will discuss operational, building, interiors and individual strategies that are effective against the spread of the virus from a healthcare standpoint. And since this has given us an opportunity to re-imagine our futures with a new lens of contagion management, we will also present longer term solutions on how to build resilience against the next pandemic in our buildings, our cities, and our societies.

Topic 2: Smart Building Design for a Pandemic and Beyond by Er Steve Perkins 

Building owners and tenants have been using next generation information and communication technologies for a number of years to increase their operational efficiency, promote wellness, accelerate their environmental sustainability plans and improve the quality of services they provide to others.

They are now using these smart building technologies to make their buildings safer during the COVID-19 pandemic
In this presentation Steve Perkins will be discussing a range of new technologies that are being deployed n the fight against the pandemic, including tools for safe people movement, touchless building controls, social distancing management and indoor environmental quality enhancement.

To provide long term value these systems need to have a useful purpose once the pandemic has passed, and so a key consideration in their selection is ensuring they are solving multiple operational needs – ideally  sitting at the centre of overlapping economic, social and environmental needs. Health & Safety management and Agile Workplace management are two areas where this technology will provide valuable long term service.


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Ms Angela Lee 
Angela Lee is responsible for the overall performance and strategic direction of HKS Inc. in Asia Pacific. With over 25 years of healthcare planning experience, she has been an integral part of the design and planning of over 1.5 million square meters of healthcare projects worldwide. Lee’s projects have been honoured with design awards from both the AIA and Modern Healthcare. She has been recognized in publications such as Healthcare Design, Health Facilities Management, Healthcare Design Ideas and Medical Construction and Design. Her specialties include healthcare facility and design, program management, and in-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific region.

Er Steve Perkins
Steve Perkins is Beca Technical Fellow with over 30 years’ experience in building services engineering. He has worked in Singapore for the past twelve years and prior to that he lived and worked in Toronto, Surabaya, Melbourne and Auckland.
He holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) degree with first class honours from Auckland University. He has been a Singapore Professional Engineer since 2012.

He is a member of the Council of Tall Buildings & Urban Habitat and is on the global conference steering committee for 2020.
For the past eight years he has been Chair of Beca’s Building Services Professional Practice Committee that sets and enforces group wide technical delivery standards.

Steve leads Beca’s Smart Buildings Technology team and works on projects across the Asia Pacific region to implement next generation digital technology solutions on buildings projects.

Steve is the M&E Engineering Director for CapitaSpring, a 51 story office tower, currently under construction on Market St in Singapore, which incorporates a wide range of smart-building technologies, including IoT sensors, people counting systems and building data analytics, to increase operational efficiency and enhance building user satisfaction.

Steve is also the Mechanical QP for JTCs 350,000m2 Punggol Digital District which will provide world leading workspace for both the digital technology industry in Singapore and the new SIT Punggol Campus which will share its facilities. The PDD technology plan includes integration of multiple digital technology systems onto an open digital smart estate platform.
He led the building services engineering of the Duo mixed use development which received a Council on Tall Buildings & Urban Habitats’ 2019 Award of Excellence


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