CSR Webinar #3: Designing for Special Needs Communities

Event start15:00 PM
Duration2 hrs ( from 3:00pm to 5:00pm )
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How do an architect and client embark on a project for special needs communities? While there exist literature and research on design principles and recommendations, the design of spaces, interior, furniture, and material selection are often customised solutions and collaborations by all parties involved. Besides design competency and project management, the architect needs to have empathy and compassion to create projects that are aesthetic, meaningful and suitable for the users’ needs.



Ms. Jacqueline Yeo & Ar. Victor Lee, PlyStudio Architects Pte Ltd
Victor Lee (Plystudio Architects)
Victor Lee a registered architect in Singapore and a director and co-founder of Plystudio Architects. He trained at the Architectural Association in London, practiced and registered in the UK before returning to Singapore.
Victor has taught at the Department of Architecture in the National University of Singapore for a number of years, where he is presently a member of the adjunct faculty. He aims to engage practice with design pedagogy and education as a platform for research to ground the work of the practice. He is deeply rooted in the believe that architecture is fundamentally driven by an honest expression of form and structure, resulting from a synthesis of client needs, planning parameters, physical constraints and current forces at work.

 Jacqueline Yeo (Plystudio Architects)
Jacqueline is a registered architect in the UK and the co-founder of Plystudio Architects. She graduated at the Architectural Association in London after completing her undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore School of Architecture.
Jacqueline is a keen educator and is currently a design tutor at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore. For years she has been a design critic and guest reviewer at various other design schools. She is interested in the craft of building buildings with a specific focus on the materiality, craft and technology to drive the notion of building economy.

Ms. Tan Sze Wee, Rainbow Centre Singapore
Tan Sze is the Executive Director of Rainbow Centre. Sze Wee had been drawn by the values of social work in her teens and started her career as a social worker in community mental health care and subsequently in disability.

Having worked in direct practice, managed programmes and now leading an organization, Sze Wee believes that social workers can effect immense change at different levels- for a client, a community, an organization and the society.

Whether supporting clients or colleagues, Sze Wee believes that change happens when people can draw on their own strengths and realize their potential to live fulfilling lives. She is interested in innovative models of service and management.

Ar. Trecia Lim, WeCreate Studio
“Because We can”

Trecia Lim, grew up in Singapore, a small and prosperous cosmopolitan country, located in the midst of many struggling countries in Southeast Asia. At the age of 19, she started backpacking around the world and many culturally rich parts of Asia. She is very drawn to the richness and resilience of the faces, she had come across over the years, amidst the day to day hardships. Moving forward, after over 10 years working in the design and construction field in the corporate sector, within Singapore and Australia, Trecia believes that design goes beyond the aesthetics and that a thoughtful and sensible design process can address many critical global social needs. In 2017, armed with this awareness and philosophy, she decided to embark on the journey to use architecture as a tool to improve lives.
In 2019, Trecia started WeCreate Studio to cement this journey and to show that doing good can be a meaningful consultancy business. WeCreate Studio is a social enterprise that aims to use its architectural and development resources to create social impact by working with less privileged and local communities with limited resources directly.

Mr Bernard Chew, St. Andrew’s Autism Centre Singapore
Mr Chew spent 20 years in the field of education, with his last role as Director, Special Education Branch at Ministry of Education.

Prior to his role as Director of Special Education, Mr Chew served as Principal in Bowen Secondary School for 5 years.

A father of a 18 year-old with autism and intellectual disability, and a 15 year-old with dyslexia and anxiety issues, he has been called to disability work since his appointment at Special Education Branch 5 years ago.

He believes that a truly inclusive society is one that celebrates the dignity of each human being, regardless of ability (or disability), and that unconditional love is the foundation of true inclusion.


2.45pm Registration via zoom (Admit into zoom webinar)
3.00pm Welcome Remarks by Ar. Chua Ping Yit, SIACSR
3.10pm Presentation by Ms. Jacqueline Yeo & Ar. Victor Lee, PlyStudio Architects Pte Ltd
3.30pm Presentation by Ms. Tan Sze Wee, Executive Director, Rainbow Centre Singapore
3.50pm Presentation by Ar. Trecia Lim, Principal Architect, WeCreate Studio, Co-Chairman of SIACSR
4.10pm Presentation by Mr. Bernard Chew, CEO, St. Andrew’s Autism Centre, Singapore
4.30pm Q&A
5.00pm End of Webinar
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