APC2023 Individual Module: Session 6

Event start19:00 PM
Duration2 hrs 30 min ( from 7:00pm to 9:30pm )
CPD3 points
Contact[email protected]


Session 6 Overview:

  • Preparing for and Executing  Planning
  • Submission to URA and Tech. Depts.


  1. Final development of Brief and User Requirements
  2. Advancing the development of the design proposal  for formal Planning submission purposes incorporating:
    • compliance to Outline Provisional Permission conditions
    • compliance to final brief and user requirements
    • corresponding revised cost estimates
  3. Present Client with Planning Submission design proposal for review and obtain approval to proceed to with Formal Planning Submission for WP
  4. Planning Submission Flow, Procedure, Implications and Guidelines
  5. Development Control, Regulations and Guidelines of Various Tech. Depts.
  6. Outline Planning Application & Other DC Stage Submissions
  7. Contents of DC Submission Plans


Tentative Schedule: Date & Time

Session 6                   3 July 2023   ( Mon)  1900hrs to 2130hrs

This event has passed.