[Online Zoom] SIA – Graphisoft Professional Knowledge Series: Sustainable Design in Practice

Event start15:00 PM
Duration2 hrs ( from 3:00pm to 5:00pm )
VenueZoom Webinar
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The world is facing rapid and unpredictable changes due to the climate crisis, which is making weather patterns more intense and global temperatures continue to rise. As a result, design firms have a crucial role to play in promoting sustainable design in architecture. At Enzyme APD, we understand the importance of sustainable design and use BIM tools like Archicad and Rhino-Grasshopper to create beautiful, functional, and sustainable designs. Empowered by our in-house Archicad GDL objects enable us to have a better-informed design decision, as well as communicate our designs effectively to clients and stakeholders. Sustainable design empowered with data is the future of architecture, allowing us to create buildings that are good for the planet.



Hendriko Teguh Sangkanparan, Graphisoft


2.45pm Registration
3.00pm Seminar Commences
4.10pm Q & A
5.00pm End of Event
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